Results Matter


Personal Injury claim arising from a shooting at an apartment complex. 


Personal Injury claim arising from negligent hiring and negligent security of a bank employee.


A car accident which resulted in our client needing shoulder surgery.


A passenger in a car accident that was rear-ended. 


A car accident involving multiple vehicles. 


A car accident involving a drunk driver where punitive damages were sought.


A work-related injury involving a nurse carrying a patient out of bed.


A work-related injury where our client was shot in the hip during an armed robbery. Employer initially denied the claim and tried intimidating the client regarding his immigration status. After retaining our services, we were able to get client the medical treatment he needed and the compensation he deserved. 


A work-related injury where the claim was originally denied but settled after we won all hearing issues at the State Board of Workers' Compensation. 


A work-related back injury case caused by lifting a metal object that was initially denied by Employer. 


A State employee that was injured on the job. 


A work-related injury where the prior attorney tried settling the case for nearly half the settled amount. 


A rear-end accident involving a school bus.


The client's husband suffered a heart attack while working at a drive-thru restaurant window. The case was denied by the Employer, however, after extensive litigation and expert medical testimony, a great settlement was obtained.  


A car accident where client recovered the full policy limit of $100,000.00 from the at-fault party and an additional $25,000.00 from her own Uninsured Motorist Policy. 


A minor car accident in a parking lot with little to no damage to both vehicles. 


A car accident settlement where the insurance company tried offering $1,000 to our client prior to retaining our services. 


A slip and fall on a plastic bag while shopping with her child at a retail store. 


A premise liability case against the landlord where the oven fell on the child while playing in the kitchen. 

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